Thursday, 4 September 2014

Undefined Stamp Carving Kit - My first Attempt!

Today I have been playing with the Undefined Stamp Carving Set
One stamp I have always wanted was a Kombi 
(Being a VW crazy family)

It was a bit tricky to work out how to start...
I cased a kombi picture I liked on the net and drew it onto some paper.

It was a little small so I just enlarged the design to get the perfect size to fit the 
Undefined carving stamp block

I layered some clear window sheeting over my design and traced the design onto it using the 
Stamp write pen in the kit.

I then placed the window sheet over the stamp block and rubbed the design onto the block.

Next I worked out what I wanted to 'keep' and started carving!

The results speak for themselves!

I am quite proud of myself!!

This is where it starts to get messy

Carving away the unwanted areas took some time

The finished result

This is totally worth the time and effort it takes to make!
It's a one off stamp that was made for one reason only...
To be unique and special to you... and the person you made it for! 

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