Sunday, 25 January 2015

INKspired Artists Blog hop #10

It's your Birthday!

Welcome back to another INKspired Artists blog hop!!
This is hop #10... OMG that has gone quick!!

If you are a seasoned hopper you should have hopped in from Janelle Taylor's blog

Well my craftroom is still looking the same here unfortunately and I am not feeling 100% so heading to Lou Lou's to invade her space again was not an option SO I had to make do with what I have scattered around the house... and when I mean scattered I mean SCATTERED EVERYWHERE!
I WILL have a craftroom.... soon... very soon...

ANYWAY.... This is sketch 10 and I was kinda excited about it... I know the star could be swapped with anything you liked but I wanted to use it coz it's my sister's birthday on Australia Day so the star would work well,
being Australia Day and all :)

 Now to figure out what to make... that was harder than I thought!
As I searched for all my materials I came across a goodie pack Louise Sharp gave us at one of her technique classes, The Bokeh technique, so I thought I should try and attempt it again. I definitely need more practice as I could only use half of the sheet (the paper was too wet on one side)

as you can see above the left side was all spotty and the right side was perfect :/
After I finished the card I thought I probably should have done it in more patriotic colours 
1. Coz its her birthday on Australia Day and 2. It would have suited her better :/

Yes I thought of this after I was done and it was my last piece of watercolour paper :/ Bugger!

It's your Birthday 2.0

Lol... I couldn't help myself! After I had finished blogging this card I had a call from Lou Lou needing something for her card so went over to her place and borrowed some watercolour paper so I could fix my colours! It was bugging me that the card was too 'pretty' for my sister (not an insult, it just wasn't going to suit her personality)
Soooo I made another card :)

Patriotic AND it totally suits my sister more!!

Happy Australia Day!
and Happy Birthday to my sister Nadine xoxo

Next up is the fabulous Lisa Eaton!

Until next time :)

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  1. Both beautiful cards! Love the ribbon on the first pink card, but love that you changed the colours up to suit your sister and her very special day.

  2. Love this technique I really do need to try it. Great inspiration! I love the pink colours ;-P I love what you did with the star looks fab.

  3. I adore this card! WOW I mean WOW

    And you created 2!

    You little over achiever LOL

  4. Your card is awesome and I too love that you changed it to suit your sister's tastes. I often have to remind myself that a hand-made card is a gift for someone else and should be to their tastes, not my own!



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